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Kašperské Hory

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Description:The hotel is located not far from a mysterious castle of the same name – Kašperk in the middle of the deep forests,in the town, sometimes called the Gate to Šumava – beautiful Czech mountains called Bohemian forest. Let yourself be caught by the seductive appearance of the landscape created by the deep forests and stout mountains, where the magic of the places let the legends be told. The legends about the dwarves guarding the gold in the local mines, witches, mysterious knights and many other creatures and places. Feel the emotions that king Charles IV. felt when hunting around the castle Kašperk. Let the power of the healing wells touch your soul and body, and the places of miracles and wild nature. Let your fantasy fly high and find the magic of the places where Celtic culture flourished. Our hotel is touched by the legends, fantasy and nature.
Location: There are a lot of places where you can both have a strong physical exercise and visit a historical place. It is e.g. castle Kašper, approximately 3 km from the town. Or you can go to the Giants castle at the top of Popelná hill. There are a lot of other castles. One of the most famous is Velhartice castle with a special bridge – a draw-bridge. It is unbeliavable but Šumava has many technical attractions. One of them is water power plant in Čeňkova Pila. The other is the canal constructed for the transport of timber from higher points – Schwarzenberg canal and Vchynice – Tetov canal. No surprise we have here several places of pilgrimage. One of the most popular is Hauswald chapel with a well of healing water and the remains of the chapel waiting for donors near the village Srní. We can meet local art in the museum in Kašperské Hory. Among others we can see glass violin here, medieval wood sculptures etc. If we are keen on walks we cannot avoid visiting a place called Antýgl. It is a historical building, kind of a farmhouse. Here is the crossroads of many routes. The place is beautiful. It is between high hills by the wild stream Vydra.
Accommodation:Comfortable double room Comfortable double room with the view of the Gallows Hill and the valley bellow the castle Kašperk that has 20m2. Bathroom, safe, TV and free of charge Wifi. Romantic suite Romantic suite with the view of the valley of the nearby river that has 25m2 and a twin bed. Bathroom, safe, TV and free of charge Wifi. Royal suite Royal suite with the view of the Mount Zhůří that has 35m2 with one room and a twin bed. Bathroom, safe, TV and free of charge Wifi.
Board:Restaurant Kašperk is open every day. Head Chef is Jiří Sedlák, called Harry, born here in the Šumava mountains. He was the head of the well known restaurant of the Modrava Hotel and prepared meals in several prestigious restaurants in Prague. He respects the tradition. You can try the local dish here. He has got his own style in preparing meals. The way he prepares meat is really unique. Restaurant Kašperk is a suitable place for lunch or dinner, but you can spend a pleasant time at a cup of coffee in an atmosphere that reminds us of the Kašperk castle that is nearby.

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