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Thank you for visiting our WEB. The offer of accommodation has prepared for you the company Centour Liberec . We would be happy, if you are interested in one of our offers and send a binding order of accommodation to us via Web form. Not the price that you would pay on the spot at the inaugural exceeds the total price of the hotel, you will pay for the accommodation, and further you have reserved thus the accommodation already. After sending the order form, you will get a call to pay 20% of the total price (depending on the choice of the object). You can make the payment in various forms including cheque, postal order, bank transfer.After the payment, you will receive the confirmation of the reservation. You pay the remaining part of the payment on the day of arrival up to 21 days, or directly on the spot. With confirmed payment, dates and accommodation stele you get accommodation confirmation (voucher) promptly after payment of the entire amount. In the case of a cancellation is 90% of the amount paid you more than 30 days prior to the back, in the case of a cancellation less than 30 days prior to the get back 50% of the amount paid
Cestovní agentura Centour Liberec
Bilejova 407
463 03 Liberec – Stráž n.N
Czech Republic
Telefon: ++ 420 608 829 843
email: centour@hotelpension.cz
IČ 134 82 823
DIČ CZ5705111247

CZ bankovní spojení :
Československá obchodní banka, a. s. Liberec,
Palachova 1404/2
460 01 Liberec
Česká republika

Číslo účtu: 705029663 / 0300
IBAN: CZ37 0300 0000 0007 0502 9663

EUR Bankkonto
Folksbank Löebau-Zittau eG
Hauptfiliale Zittau
Zittau Markt 3

Bankkonto: 4225396200
Bank code (BLZ): 85590100
InterBank-AccNr (IBAN): DE81 8559 0100 4225 3962 00
Živnostenský list vydal Živnostenský úřad v Liberci č.j.: 06/1516/92/F/UT ze dne 13.7.1992  
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